Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seek and Ye Shall Find

"You are that which you are seeking."  -- St. Francis of Assisi

In that case, yesterday I was a doughnut.  I found myself at the world famous (probably not really) Round Rock Donuts shop.

There was quite a hoppin' crowd there even though it was about 2:00 pm, well past breakfast time.  The display case was unimpressive, and I was beginning to think that if this, the treasure I had been seeking, actually was me I was pretty disappointed in myself.

That there is the entire doughnut and pastry selection.  They have regular doughnuts and fancy doughnuts.  As I consider there is very little fancy about me, I opted for the regular version.

While slightly skeptical about the bright orange hue of my regular doughnuts, I dove right in.  I'm pretty glad I did.  These doughnuts have a crispy to the tooth (can a doughnut be al dente?) exterior, but a light as air interior.  They literally melt away in your mouth.  Despite their coloration, there is no orange flavor to the doughnut.  They taste like plain ole glazed doughnuts, but it's the texture that really makes them special.

So, if I am what I am seeking, as St. Francis suggests,  I can only postulate that, like my early afternoon snack, my ordinary and even potentially off-putting appearance belies a surprising and delightful complexity below the surface.

I'll take it.